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Originally Posted by County Mike
How do we know any of this? I know it's in the Bible, but who wrote it? Where did they get their info?

I'm serious. I'd like to know the info behind the info.
GOD wrote it through a number of Human the case of some of the prophets he literally put the word inside of them.

I think its Ezekiel who EATS a scroll given by GOD and then he writes his Book, ten to one, the words on that scroll and the words in ezekiels book were the same GOD literally...and I mean Literally FED him the scroll, made him eat it.

Others, like the book of Revelation is a writing of a visitation. Its a record of some kind of vision directly shown by GOD to the writer, in order that the Writer document what he see "I heard a voice from Heaven saying unto me Write; from henceforth blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, even so, says the Spirit for they rest from their labours" John is told what to record...makes you wonder what he saw and was told NOT to record
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