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Originally Posted by Tyburn
ohhh...I they leave the forrest in 1944 (presumably after the liberation of bellarus but before the fall of Berlin) and so the youngest guy ends up doing the eqivilent of National Service under the Reds...okay...that made sense...that was NOT what was implied in the end of the the end of the film it made it sound like the Jews stayed in the forrest until the end of the war...but the young guy suddenly left and went with the Reds...thats what confused me

and the forth know...I still have absolutely no recollection of him in the movie at all
No, not the youngest Dave, the next to the youngest gets drafted by the Red Army. The youngest, Aron, comes to America in 1951. I did some more looking and in 2007 Aron and his wife were accused of defrauding a 97-year old Holocaust survivor out of $250,000 and sending her to Warsaw to a nursing home. I couldn't find out what happened in this case--if he was found guilty or anything.

He is in his 80's. Sad if he really did this.
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