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Originally Posted by Crisco
Then technically wasn't the earth made in six days?

I know it sounds silly but you always hear about the seven days... and Genesis even says he rested on the seventh day of creation... So doesn't that mean he was actually finished on the sixth day?
Yes...Creation was completed in 6 days...the seventh day was taken as rest.

...but only for GOD. If you consider that the fall took place on the Eighth have to conceed that the Rebellion and civil uprising in Heaven must have happened prior to that. By the time Lucifer was in the Garden...he'd already been evicted from Heaven

The Angelic Fall, and the Human Fall didnt happen both at the same time.

Creation isnt truely complete until the Fall...thats what the Seven Days measures...not the time it took GOD to make...but the time it took for GODs creation to be spoiled....the end of the seventh day marks the end of the perfect creation, not just in completion of its creation...but actually in terms of the termination of its being aswell...for after the Fall, Creation began a long term spiral into decline

We then have a maximum of 24 hours, if you take it literally, in which Creation existed as GOD had planned, completely created, and completely perfect...and GOD rested for the 24 hours. I doubt he's had another day like that since...I presume that Lucifer did not rest on the seventh day, but already aspired to greater things, already persuading others to follow his little coup

We dont know how long things were perfect in the Heavenly Realm...let us remember that Creation includes MORE then the creation outlined in Genesis...whilst creating the Earth, GOD was also creating the Heavens...we know VERY little about that...we dont therefore know how long Creation lasted in a perfect state.

We dont know the length of time between "Thus the heavens and the earth were finished and all the host of them" Gen 2.1 and "there was war in heaven, Michael and his Angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels and prevailed not, neither was their place found anymore in heaven" Rev 12.6

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