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Some of the Hebrew understanding of numbers:

1 - represents the One, Unique and Indivisible GOD; divinity, unity, uniqueness; the ultimate perfection that exists only with GOD

2 - represents the concept of duality (father and son, husband and wife, good and evil, etc.); also the number that represents the creation and blessing; diversity, multiplicity, and incompatibility

3 - the concept that two opposing factors must be blended to form a third, more perfect, entity. For instance, justice and mercy are opposing concepts that are constantly clashing with each other. Only when they are merged with the third element of truth can the world find its necessary balance.

4 - represents the physical world which spans north, south, east and west

5 - the combination of the physical with the spiritual; freedom of choice, repentance, and mercy

6 - physical completion; self-contained; the six dimensions of any completed physical object: above and below, right and left, before and behind.

7 - the spiritual values that were the purpose of Creation; the Oneness of GOD and the spiritual presence He has instilled in Creation

8 - man's ability to transcend the limitations of physical existence; a plane above nature (the metaphysical Divine)
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