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Originally Posted by Llamafighter
I thought the movie was well done the way it was edited and visually, my only criticism was the lack of fear.

I just thought that a movie where people are hiding for their lives should have a higher level of suspense and fear. I remember watching Schindler's list and being terrified throughout the movie.
but the movie wasnt about hiding. The director chose to focus it less on being on the run from the Germans, and more about survival against themselves and the elements.

I think they would tell you it was never their intention to market their movie in that style, they focused far more on sociological factors effecting small groups...heck, looked more into communism then it did the Germans

although...I think that was deliberate show all political schemes corrupt, but that there was a place for both, compassion, and fighting, and both brothers moved from opposite ends on that scale to meet in the final scene
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