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Originally Posted by Tyburn
I found it even more poingent that the German Offensive began the day before passover, meaning the day they had to leave the forrest and swamp was passover, and the day they had to fight the Germans in a full scale confrontation.

Sad about what happened to the third Brother, The film didnt make it obvious that he had leanings towards the Reds at all. I'm sure he told Zus twice he didnt want to join them?? How come his Bio reads that he joined the Reds after the German seemed out of character for his film portrayal....other then the obvious risk taking I suppose.
In the movie, there were four brothers. I think it was the 3rd brother, the one who married in the movie, who went and fought with the Reds after the German Offensive and was killed not long after he joined. I wonder why he didn't stay with his two older brothers. I can't remember what happened to the 4th brother, the youngest? Was he killed during one of their food runs?
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