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Originally Posted by CAVEMAN
Thanks for sharing Dave! I actually grew up in the Episcopal Church and remember the litany. The church I went to is one of the oldest churches in the area. See link:

They had a huge pipe organ and the acoustics in that building were awesome! I can honestly say I miss the music!

I quit going to the Episcopal Church when I was 23 and started attending a fundamental bible preaching church. The Episcopal Church here in America is in a "world of hurt" right now, theologically speaking. You can probably still find a few that still preach from the bible, but for the most part they have abandoned the Word of GOD and have replaced it with the book of common prayer. My mom and siblings stayed in the church a while even after I left. They made every opportunity to stand for truth, but eventually they "shook the dust off their sandals" so to speak! There was a faction(my family included) within the church that wanted to start a bible study and vacation bible school for kids. The church leaders voted it down. And it didn't stop there, myself and others were called fanatics and bible thumpers! I thought that was the weirdest thing coming from people who claimed to be Christians.

Sadly, it was not until the LORD saved me at 23 years of age that I understood some of the common prayers and rituals of the Episcopal Church. The Nicene Creed actually made sense to me, accept for the last part that says we acknowledge one baptism for the forgivness of sins.

I spent 23 years in that church, was even "confirmed", and yet did not have a true relationship with Christ. I wonder how many more are within the Episcopal Church here in America who are just like I was? Going through all the motions without a real relationship with Christ.........
Well dont forget a lot of the Book of common prayer is just the Bible, divided up into service plans. Its the standard we use throughout the Anglican Church. Its quite common for Anglicanism to have an emphasis on liturgy and ceremony rather then teaching. They just arent very good at teaching.

A strong trait in Anglicanism is to have teaching separately in "home groups" But I dont know why any church would vote down setting up some kinda Bible Study group. As with all denominations, it differs from church to church I suppose.
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