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Default Forum members ... SOUND OFF!!

It was nice for new members to be able to go back and read about who it is they are posting with. Often I saw a new member have some nice dialog with one of the vets and the very next moment they were searching the "intro" section to learn a little bit about the person. Since they won't have that now .. all the vets tell a little bit about yourself in here!! SOUND OFF!!!

I'll start ... <clears throut>

Hi ... I'm Boomer. I was born in Illinois, raised in Texas and now live in Virginia. I'm 33 and have had a few careers in my short life. From 18 to 23 I worked in a church, then at 23 I joined the Marine Corps. I did one tour with the Corps, got out at 28 and landed a job working for the Federal Government. I've been to about 16 coutries in my life and love to travel and love watching both ametuer and professional MMA. As a matter of fact MMA is the only sport I have ever loved.

I saw UFC 52 live and became an instant Matt fan .... the more I found out about him, the more I liked the the guy and over the course of the past few years he's become a pretty good buddy. Actually I got a few good buddies from this site. ;)

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