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Originally Posted by mikthehick
Basically, medic, you are right. People tend to get super emotional online where it's pretty easy to talk to a computer screen. They've done psychological studies on it, and have found out that people share more since the computer isn't judgmental. (If you need the scholastic ariticles, I'll find them for you in the databases at my universities)....

But what some don't understand is looking emotional doesn't help the cause usually, just makes people look like crybabies. imo anyway. I would say no to a political forum because i dealt with one and it wasn't pretty. If people are passionate about politics, they should get involved locally and/or visit the politics based websites. But that's just my opinion. Seems like on here, people waste their time trying to change minds, but it ain't happening.

I can't say that I waste time in the woodshed anymore, especially when there is so much drama happening in the MMA world!
You know what it is, I see that stuff on all day at work. I hear it on my drive. Talk it over in my history class. The last thing I want to do is visit the MMA forums to see yet another cryfest about something else Obama did.

Really most of what I see if not all is just an inside attack at our president.
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