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Originally Posted by Crisco

I get tired of him being portrayed like this great Muslim because of how kingdom of heaven portrayed him.

Salahadin was a butcher just like every othe medieval ruler. He was responsible for the muslim desecration of the holiest of Jewish and Christian cities.

I'm not saying the Catholics where much better sometimes they where much worse =)

Just saying lets not be fooled by the snake, Islam is evil and so are the people that spread it through violence. The entire faith was spread with blood and salahadin was one of the biggest blades behind it.
Never Watched KOH...I got my info from the TV History Channel

Whilst Islam was spread by the Sword let us not forget how Christianity was spread. By Imperialism...The Roman Empire, wasnt Holy in its Creation. The British Empire was no Saint....and the Spanish...well they were the worst...Meso and Latin America were brought Christ by the Conquistador....and The real Christians are the offsprings of thos settlers...because...when those who were supposed to convert didnt...They were removed

I think that Islams Crown Jewels would have to be Constantinople in the East and Jerusalem in the West....But Christianity in Meso America....why do you think all those guys at BTT speak Portuguese... (Portuguese and Spanish are IMPORTS, they are not the Native Tongue! I wonder how many of those Fighters can speak Mayan??? Imagine a Fighter who could speak something like that!! At least with the United States you can claim that there was no national Language because the tribes all spoke different variations of dialects....but the Rainforrests of the Southern Americas..they had MAJOR Civilizations...they were advanced.) Everywhere from The Base of Brazil to Mexico....
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