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Originally Posted by Crisco

I get tired of him being portrayed like this great Muslim because of how kingdom of heaven portrayed him.

Salahadin was a butcher just like every othe medieval ruler. He was responsible for the muslim desecration of the holiest of Jewish and Christian cities.

I'm not saying the Catholics where much better sometimes they where much worse =)

Just saying lets not be fooled by the snake, Islam is evil and so are the people that spread it through violence. The entire faith was spread with blood and salahadin was one of the biggest blades behind it.
By most accounts he was a fair and judicious man and on the main quite tolerant of other religious houses. He was certainly better than Nur Al Din and others.

So what he murdered his way to the top, it was how it was and he did what he had to do for his dynasty and empire. And lets face it, whoever he deposed it was probably for the best. I don't hate on him for it.

In addition Dante's inferno, his book he puts Saladin in purgatory alongside the other pagan ancients because the Christian world quite liked Saladin.

And not everything about the Middle Ages is dark, gloomy and tortuorous. There was as much learning, intelligence and innovation than at anytime. and there was some fine rulers and some bad ones.

It was a brutal age but thats what that lived in and i don't judge them for it.

In fact the greatest atrocities in my mind have all happened in recent centuries. We only have to look at the millions lost in the great wars to see that.

Saladin was only fighting other Muslims and Christians in the Holy Land, as much as i support the Catholic cause out there, for when they tried to get the Holy Land, i equally understand Saladin's right to defend it!

Anyway, i gotta write an essay on Richard and Saladin very soon, so ill be doing some proper historical research and then i'll pop in with some more information.
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