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Originally Posted by NateR
I understand how you would sympathize with the woman, but why not sympathize with the unborn child? What exactly did the baby do to deserve being put to death?

A woman is not completely helpless in the crime of rape. She can take self-defense courses, carry a gun or just be careful where she goes at night. However, that unborn baby is 100% completely helpless. It can't defend itself, can't speak on it's own behalf and that child's "freedom of choice" isn't even considered in the matter of abortion (which is what makes the phrase "freedom of choice" such a sick joke when applied to abortion).

So I would default towards protecting the GOD-given rights of the one person in this situation would cannot protect themselves: the unborn baby.

Sure, having to carry a baby conceived in rape would be traumatic, but it's not a guarantee of an unhappy life. Pat Robertson, the founder of the 700 Club, was conceived when his mother was raped. So the child has just as much potential for success as any human being born under different circumstances.
I disagree with a woman being completely helpless. I was a victim of a sexual assault. I was not full fledge raped thank God, however I was assaulted and this was by a US service man. I think if I was drunk in a club and rode home with strange men that would make sense that I contributed to careless behavior, but I wasnt. Some women are victims.

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