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Originally Posted by Chris F
As a Christian I can't justify what I would do to the rapist but it is a part of life and yes a double standard. However every kid should have the right to life. Why should a child suffer from the sins of the father? So murder is not an option. The girl can give it up for adoption, but they should have no right to destory it via chemicals. Let God decide.
In your previous post, you say, "...the only life that will be taken is the rapist."

In this post, "...murder is not an option." You do admit to a "double standard".

And then, "Let God decide."

If only God were doing all the deciding, hmmm...and not man in all his wisdom. But, God did decide and chose to give man free will. Free will to choose the path of righteousness or not, right from wrong.

I know it isn't your intent to make it all sound so "simple" as to "the girl can give it up for adoption" (at least I hope you realize it isn't that simple). Should a child have the right to life and not suffer for the sins of it's father--yes and yes, in a perfect world. But, the world isn't perfect because man isn't perfect.

In a way, it wasn't fair to ask the ? of you men because you are men. And even though men can be raped and suffer all the mental/emotional anguish a woman can from the act, he can't, however, get pregnant from rape and suffer the even greater emotional turmoil and mental anguish of all that entails for a woman let alone a child of rape.

I don't agree with them giving this pill to girls as a means of birth control, but I have to say, as a woman, I am torn when it comes to rape and/or incest. Torn because I know God would not approve of abortion no matter how it came about, and a child should have the right to life. On the other hand, my "human" person, the woman, wants their to be mercy and compassion for the woman put in such a predicament.
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