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Originally Posted by cubsfan47
Here's an interesting news article for Sox fans:

Obama becomes first Sox fan to wear suit, tie to work

President Barack Obama made history
Jan. 20 by becoming the first White Sox
fan to wear a suit and tie to work.
“I never thought I’d see it,” said Sox fan
Mickey Libson, wearing a sleeveless
Hooters T-shirt. “When he stepped out to
take the oath and he wasn’t wearing a clip-
on, I got misty eyed.”
However, the transition wasn’t smooth.
Many Obama staffers assumed the White
House dress code would be “White Sox
Casual”—which is appropriate for bowl-
ing or Monsters of Rock concerts.
“White Sox Casual involves trimming
your goatee, donning a T-shirt without any
offensive language and a healthy dose of
Axe body spray,” said etiquette expert Jan
Von Alder.
“My wife is going to be angry,” said one
staffer. “We spent a week cutting the
sleeves off my suits. And I’m going to
have to return all those jean shorts.”
White Sox Casual is a step up from typ-
ical Sox fan attire, but a step below “White
Sox Formal,” which is reserved for wed-
dings, auto shows and court appearances.
Not all Sox fans agreed with Obama
foregoing traditional Sox attire.
“It’s a travesty,” Sox fan Jason Hornsby
“Sometimes when Milton gets angry, he
runs full speed into a wall,” said Dempster.
“How are we supposed to play baseball
when our outfielder knocked himself out?”
Hot-tempered pitcher Carlos Zambrano
already requires a padded room. Manager
Lou Piniella supported the replication.
“We need to make sure both Zambrano
and Bradley are protected in those
rooms,” said Piniella. “Especially if they
get some sugar in them, then hell really
breaks loose.” -- Andy Landgrebe
see SUIT ANDTIE, page 3 >>
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