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Originally Posted by Neezar

We chart who is in the room with the patient. I try to never assume. So, to determine who it is I usually start with, "Is this a friend or family?" I love it when they answer, 'That my baby's daddy.'

Did I tell you the time a woman came in with the sides of her head shaved, long mohawk thing in a ponytail down the back, lesbian lover in tow, husband in tow, boyfriend in tow. Now becuase of possible issues for that baby at discharge, we need to know who is who and how does it fit into a need to know basis on her medical care. Well the th pt was sleeping with all of them. The lesbian, the husband, and the boyfriend. Hoped we could do a paternity test for her. It was her 10th pregancy 5 carried to term and were born, all had been awarded to the state. She was hoping to keep this one.

Or another pt who liked to smoke crack in the bushes outside of her room. She popped right up out of the bushes one day when we walked by her. Startled all of us. Her baby came early and tested positive for crack so CPS came and cut her visitation bands off and denied her visitation until a further hearing. She was escorted out by security. Her pimp babydaddy was gonna come try to take his baby home....had security watching for that too. It was a mess of a night. With both pts. Ick.


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