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Default The Merciful Muslim 1187

So Jerusalem swapped hands several times during the crusades. This was the trigger for the Third Crusade that was launched from England under King Richard.

Saladin, an Islamic Leader and Military strategist managed to conqure Jerusalem, the custom was to execute the defeated religion in order to cleanse the place.

But Saladin decided that he would not kill any Christian after the City was captured...instead he ordered his men to use Rose Water to purify the sanctuaries instead of Blood.

It was the first time a Jihadist had decided to show mercy rather then judgement.

King Richard the Christian...was not so...nice. He two made promises to grant non-combatants in Islamic Cities, along the route To Jerusalem, mercy. Unfortunatley, unlike Saladin...he couldnt help himself, and massicred all the cities that surrendered along the route.

Richard and the French who were helping the crusade, never made it to Jerusalem. Instead, outside a nearby town, whilst ill, he tried diplomacy instead, it was only partially successful. Saladin refused to even meet with Richard...why? Because Richard wasnt able to keep a promise...and Saladin was. Richard Massicred Cities, Saladin did not. He did however, send gifts to Richard, like fruit and supplies. But as soon as Richard was better....he tried to use the sword to fight once more.

Richard massicred that nearby town. thats why they call him "lionheart" I believe the town was a sea port

There was a deal, exchange the prisoners for a Relic, the remaining wood from the crucifixiton. But Saladin kept stalling on the transaction. So Richard decided to kill them all. All of them. This is a warcrime according to middleaged warfare. Prisoners are either kept, or they are exchanged...they are not murdered.

So Saladin sent the cross away from jerusalem and it vanished...noone has seen the relic since it dissapeared in response to Richards warcrimes.

Anywhoo...he never took jerusalem, and didnt get far with diplomacy and gave up LOL

He died on his return trip to England somewhere in Europe

Jerusalem would remain under Islamic Control for several further crusades, and long after Saladin had died.

I believe that people, on both sides of the Faith divide are far LESS spiritual then they were. I think this is a sign that Nathans ideal of entropy is true in the spiritual sense. Christians cant even be motivated to fight enmass anymore, and Jihadists are no longer capable of mercy.

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