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Default New Laws That Are A Threat To Natural/Organic Food

Obviously eating healthy is the entire foundation to most every athletes training regimen; however this may not be possible in the future for ANYONE if we don't all do something about it. There are numerous bills being fast tracked through congress to put an end to all organic/privately held ranchers and farmers. These bills look friendly at first glance i.e. trying to protect the general public from food borne illnesses but they are not. I would assume those of you who are farmers or in a related field are already well aware of some of these laws if not all of them and there they are as follows: HR 875, S 425, HR 814, HR 759

Below is an email I wrote to another health organization that will clearly spell out how to find these laws for yourself online and contact your congressmen to oppose them.

Please email your representative and all your senators. More importantly these bills are in the following committees you must email these folks or call them and tell them this is not what is best for the health of the population for a number of reasons here are just a few. The top ten killers in the US are as follows: Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Chronic Lower Resp. Disease, Accidents, Diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, Influenza/Pneumonia, Nephritis, and Septicemia. None of these have anything to do with food borne illnesses nor can any agency on the planet can prove we have a severe food borne illness issue. If they are so worried about the populationís health why not tackle the top ten killers in the US. What has been proven is many herbicides/pesticides that farmers use are closely linked to cancer. The first lady (Mrs. Obama) just started her own organic garden to promote a healthy public; according to HR 875 if it were to pass she will potentially be breaking the law; so why the confliction? Mrs. Obama promoting healthy ORGANIC food and new legislation clearly stating that in order to promote health farmers/ranchers must use harsh chemicals and drugs? Lastly these bills are causing unjust overhead to the small organic farmer who will be forced to either raise their prices or go out of business leaving the large agriculture factories a monopoly.
Here is the link to the first lady and her organic garden.
Here is a link to a website that will provide all the links to the bills just search for HR 875, S 425, HR 814, HR 759. Note all these bills attack the organic farmers by either outlawing organic food or creating monster financial overhead/burden for them thereby forcing them out of business.
Here is a link to find your representatives and senators.
Remember these bills are in committees you must email those folks.

Please take the time to Google these laws to find out what they are really all about and then pass this on to everyone you know. I don't want to have to be stuck eating toxic garbage for the rest of my life nor do I want to see others eating it either.
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