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And THIS is sick!

Sales Suspended of Caylee Doll Made as 'Tribute' to Murdered Florida Girl

A Florida company said it is suspending planned sales of a wide-eyed doll called Caylee that was made as a "tribute" to a murdered Orlando girl with the same name.

The Jacksonville-based Showbiz Promotions was going to offer the "Inspirational Caylee Sunshine Doll," named after 2-year-old Caylee Anthony, for $29.99 starting at noon Tuesday.

But the company said on its web site that sales have been suspended.
"After reviewing the response to our media introduction of the Sunshine Caylee Doll and listening to the advice of the general public, we feel that is it best to suspend the launch of The Sunshine Caylee Doll," the company said on its Web site, (took out the web site ad because nobody needs to go to that evil place.)

An attorney for the Anthony family had said he was going to call the company about the doll. It wasn't immediately known whether family opposition was part of the reason sales were stopped.

The blonde-haired, blue-eyed doll comes in a "Caylee Sunshine" T-shirt and intentionally doesn't bear much resemblance to the child, according to company president Jaime Salcedo. He said he thought it would be too morbid. Ya think?

Caylee had light brown hair and big brown eyes.

The song "You Are My Sunshine," which the little girl sang in home videos that have been publicized in the high-profile case, plays when the 18-inch doll's bellybutton is pushed.

Salcedo said he planned to donate some of the proceeds from the toy to charity.

This isn't the first time Salcedo has tried to capitalize on events in the news. Showbiz Promotions has also made Sarah Palin dolls and Michael Vick dog chew toys, according to

The company, said Salcedo, wanted the Caylee toy to "be a tribute" to Caylee Anthony, whose body was found by a utility worker in December in woods near where she lived with her mother and grandparents in Orlando. She was reported missing in July.,2933,483446,00.html
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