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Originally Posted by Chris F
I was wandering if Nate or someone can find out if they know anything about this school in Oklahoma.
Miletich Fighting Systems of Oklahoma
3104 E. Admiral
Tulsa, OK 74110
918-747-1924 or any school in Tulsa that is a good place to train health wise. At my age and health I have no plans getting back into any sort of ring.

I need to get in different shape since round is a shape but I need some serious work health wise. And I think I can convince my wife I won't get killed. Thanks for any info you may got.
Chris, don't worry too much about getting killed. Getting hit by the pads isn't that bad. Superficial bruising is pretty normal.

Whatever gym you join, be up front with the staff and instructors there and just tell them you are getting in shape. At my gym here, there are plenty of girls who are taking the women's thai classes and core classes to get in shape. They all began in January and are getting REALLY good! And so far so good, they are reaching their weight goals ok.

Round is a shape indeed, that made me laugh There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to do something about it, however
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