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Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

I use to look down on people that tried or did take their own life. Now i look at it differently. I see things differently now. I look at it more as they need help, and I want to get these people the help they deserve. I know what they were feeling at one point in my life, and with my experience I can show them they will be all right. Unfortunately this soldier in my company that took his life this week, does have a wife he leaves behind. I personally didn't know him that well. but it breaks my heart to see this happen. A friend I served in OIF 3 with took his own life after we got back from Iraq in 2006 and he had a wife & 2 children and 1 child was a special needs child. So I think my mission now is to keep soldiers from hurting themselves and others and get them the help they need....once again thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.....kyle
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