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I see GSP winning, but I agree that if Penn takes it, it will be early (round 1 or 2). BJ's conditioning has improved, but it may be a bit of a red herring. He's a natural LW, so he has to come in to the fight in good shape to make 155, and he's at a good size for that division. At 170, he's a smaller guy, doesn't have to be as diligent with his cut (if he cuts at all) to make WW, and he's fighting a giant WW in GSP. Having a guy that much bigger lean on you takes it's toll - I think that happened in BJ's fight with GSP the first time and the second time with Hughes. If GSP using his wrestling, he can sap BJ's tank, and BJ either won't have much left late, or he'll be finished.
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