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Well, I guess she decided a long time ago to cut herself off from the rest of her family. That's sad about her only child. Parents should never outlive their children, but it's a sad fact of life, they do. And, sometimes people just never do recover from such a loss. You'd think that tragedy such as that would bring them closer, but in reality, it often times drives a wedge. You hear all the time of when someone dies and the ones left behind start fighting over their estate (money and material things) and sometimes never talk to each other again because of perceived hurt feelings.

My sister has carried a chip on her shoulder since childhood and brought it with her into her adulthood. It's sad that as an adult she didn't/hasn't realized that you just have to try and let go of what happened in the past and start fresh. It doesn't mean that the hurts aren't going to be remembered just that you choose to put that behind you and move on to a healthier and hopefully happier place.

Time is no respecter of man and all his foibles/troubles. We are too quick to grab on to the things that divide us instead of holding on to love to unite us.

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