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Hopefully, it was quick, Dave. It sounds like she had a long life. I'm sorry the sisters didn't keep up with each other those thirty years. Sometimes things happen in families and people let time go by before they can make peace with each other. I hope your Nan and her sister were able to do that.

I am in a similar situation with my oldest sister. We haven't had a falling out, but rather she is a very difficult person to get along with. It's sad because she's never married and has no children. She's one of those people who you can be talking to friendly and such and all of a sudden she's barking at you. You're like, , what happened? I always say she's got a Jekyll and Hyde personality.

Unfortunately, it's not just me either. Her relationship with all of us is like that. So, I've had to come to grips with the fact that she might die and I'll have to accept the situation as it is. In other words, I don't think there will be resolution for any of us with my sister.

The only saving grace for me is that I know God knows what is in my heart (my love) for her.
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