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Originally Posted by bj44
cough jens pulver, cough caol uno

its not like hes unbeatable he he can be beat at that weight... Is he the best lw in the world?Maybe......... He's def the most talented but he can be beat.

edit: I wanted to qoute the bj owns all at 155 comment of yours
come on ..those fights are sooo old ... jens is finished and uno is going to lose to fisher ... that is like saying dennis hallman is better than matt cuz he beat him twice in quick and convincing fashion .. we all know if that fight happened today, hallman would be taken out on a stretcher .. Bj takes this fight .. i won't say he is unbeatable at 155, ken flo has a chance, just not a great one ... i would like to see aoki/penn, but shinya says he won't fight in the ufc, so that will have to wait ...
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