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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake
I'm not sold on this game until I actually get to play it. The graphics look great, but that is to be expected nowadays. Ultimately it is going to come down to the control setup. They say it's a brand new game engine, but I am thinking that it's somehow going to be loosely based off the WWE Smackdown vs Raw series.
They say that each fighter pairs one striking technique with one ground technique which is a little worrisome. When fighting as Matt hughes we all know that his wrestling is his strength on the ground, but his BJJ is top notch too.
I hope they do the bar graph technology (like on most sports games) for strengths and weakness, so that a fighter can be strong a 9 in wrestling but also be a 7 in BJJ and a 6 in Judo. it is MMA now afterall.
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