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Originally Posted by Hughes_GOAT
Tatame magazine ran an artical in there March issue about “dream fights” that will most likely never happpen. One of the fights puts WAMMA heavyweight champion Fedor against UFC middeweight champion Anderson Silva. Tatame asked undefeated UFC light heavyweight Lyoto Machida to analyze the fight between the two.

“Anderson has much more technical quality than Fedor, He’d knock him out”, said Machida.

But fellow Brazilian and American Top Team coach, Conan Silveira sees this “dream fight” having a differnt ending.

“Fedor is way more strong and explosive. Besides loving Anderson, I can’t see any result on this fight besides Anderson being knocked out”, said Silveira
Gee what a surprise coming from one of his closest friends. That's like asking Roman Zentsov to break down the fight.
I think it would be a good fight, but i know that Fedor would bully him on the ground.
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