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Originally Posted by Blmfighter
I'm not sure who has the best camp, I would think maybe ATT or AKA. Jackson has a good camp but with GSP training full time up north and only doing camps with Jackson can we give jackson full credit for GSP, since GSP did not start off there? And Evans is good but I don't think a win over Forrest makes you the top in the 205, or a win over Chuck. I called that knockout before it ever happened and I wanted Chuck to win I don't care much for Rashad.

But when you always fight with your hands down all it takes if for someone not to be worried about getting hit and step in and that is what Rashad did. He ate the shot because he know Chuck would be open.

Everyone is thinking that the place where Bisping trains is one of the top gyms now. I don't see how they have one guy that was doing well in Bisping and then a guy that has won the belt in Pride and has been fighting for years as a top fighter moves there and now they are a top team.

I don't get that!
I've neer heard them touted as one of the best in the world, but they are a solid team at the wolfslair, you dnt have to have 100's of world renouned fighters to be a great team. But Wolfslair have a number of good fighters that some of your guys will have never even heard of.

Another great team here in the UK is the Rough House, some of their fighters are in Team UK for the next series of TUF.
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