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Default Isn't anyone else watching American Idol???

Last night was weird. I love Danny Gokey and Anoop. Also like the crazy red haired girl and Lil Rounds, but neither of them were good last night.

Anoop sang "Always on my Mind", which is in my Top 5 Favorite Songs of All Time! He did such a great job on it--I'll buy it on iTunes as soon as it's there.

The other guy that was good last night was Kris--can't remember his last name, but he sang "To Make You Feel My Love" which is also a great song. I really haven't liked him much before now, but he did really well last night.

I CAN'T STAND the vampire/goth looking idiot with the bad skin. He's ridiculous. Also don't know why the judges love Matt Giraud so much (the last guy last night) I don't like him either. And the blind guy's gotta go soon.
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