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Originally Posted by Tyburn
it sounds legal...but it also sounds stupid.

The UFC REALLY have to stop bugging Fighters so much...if they concentrated more on fights and eliminating Steroids, and tackling low blows, and TUF, then they did booting people out, or trying to keep costs down for fighter pay, whilst uping on the PPV costs...they might find they are better liked by Fighters and Fans

We might like the product...but I think everyone is begining to think the Institution as a governing body stinks.

Dave.. did you start doing drugs or something? I can respectfully disagree with you on points.. fairly small ones in the grand scheme of thing.

But to say that the UFC doesn't work at eliminating steroids and other performance enhancing drugs is border line nutty..Did Jen's losing last night get to you that bad?
Commission approved gloves
Weight classes
Time limits and rounds
Mandatory drug testing
No head butting or kicking to the downed opponent
No knees to the head of a downed opponent
No downward point of the elbow strikes
No strikes to the spine or the back of the head
No groin or throat strikes

State Athletic Commission approval in such major states as New Jersey, Nevada, Florida & Louisiana.

The UFC has never backed down from various commissions finding.. Dana did say that he personally belived Sean.. but aside from that.. Tim, gone, Stephen Bonner.. gone.. Hermes Franca, gone..various others.. gone.. Just like the commissions decreed.

You make the UFC sound like the mid 80's pro wrestling companies..

Your above statement is just plain dumb... Sorry to be so venomous.. but you are usually much MUCH smarter than that.. Your intelligence and passion for MMA is much better than that..

While I don't know the "ins and outs" of this idea.. maybe you could look at it from another point of view... Maybe they are trying to protect fighters... granted it doesn't appear that way.... but to say the UFC doesn't look out for fighters.. is .. well goofy...
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