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Default March Madness Challenge with Prize Money!

It's that time of year again, March Madness!

I've created a group on Yahoo and we'd like to get a large group together this year for the tournament.

If you want in, the price is $10 and hopefully, we can pay 3 places or more. If you have any friends who want to play, let me know.

1 method of payment:
Paypal -

1. Fill in the entire bracket, this is not round-by-round.
2. We will use Yahoo's default scoring system: "Traditional scoring system with a heavier weighting on later rounds. Works well with Seed Difference bonuses."
3. Taunting and trash talking is highly encouraged on our message board.
4. First round is March 19 so contact me quickly!

Tell all your friends or forward this e-mail to them. It'd be great if we could get 20+ people involved!

Good luck!
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