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Originally Posted by Primal Rage
Hey thanks for all the great info. i was just wondering when you said skip cardio when trying to gain weight you mean just Intense cardio...

like my schedule is

Monday-MMA 1.5 hours
Tuesday- I Lift
Wed- MMA 1.5 hours
Thursday-Jiu Jitsu
Friday- Lift and Light Jiu Jitsu
Sat- Muay thai 1.5 hours and jiu jitsu
Sun- Lift

If these sessions are gonna tax my progress should i stop some....or can i just obviously add more calories to make up for what im burning?
I mean, no cardio, period if you're a hard-gainer. However, it IS possible to gain, but it'll require more calories.

In your case, you haven't any choice, so just make sure you're eating more calories to replace those calories.

For example, a 150 pound person cycling at about 75% of their max heart rate for 1 hour will burn approx. 500 calories. As a good estimate, rolling JJ would be 500 calories per hour at your weight, so on the days that you do your training, add 500 calories per hour that you train. Keep the 30/40/30 ratio when you increase your calories. Be sure that you have a good-healthy meal consisting of lean protein, slow-digesting carbs, and quality fats (30-60 minutes) before and (30-60 minutes) after training.

Vitamin C will also be your friend as this helps repair tissue - 1000mg 3-times a day would be great. Also, be sure you're taking a good multi-vitamin. Men's One-A-Day will be sufficient. I'd recommend since you're training hard, have 2 instead of 1

Oh, and in case you don't know your max on lifts in order to estimate your 75% weight. It's pretty much any weight you can do for 8 reps or less. Usually I stack my lifting sets as 6-8 reps, 3 minutes rest, 4-6 reps, 3 minutes rest, 2-4 reps, 3 minutes rest, 1-2 reps, 3 minutes rest, then switch lifts. Once you reach the top # of reps for each set, you're ready to increase your weights.

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