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Originally Posted by Tyburn
one of the BEST pieces of music ever written by Hans Zimmer, its taken from Hannibal OST and even includes a bit of dialogue of a lecture that is given within the Movie. The song itself conjoins two bit of liturgy, The Kyrie, Which is a prayer that begs for forgiveness, and the Agnus Dei, another prayer for forgiveness but one that also asks for peace, they appear in the correct order of the Latin Mass within the track, (when the whole piece is viewed in full) also please note the bells chime thrice at three mins into it! This is also fascinating as its what happens at the conclusion of the Epiklysis when the Host is Concecrated, again its in the correct order, between Kyrie and Agnus Dei

Its also got special extra meaning, as we know the Celebration of the Eucharist is the feeding on body and blood of Christ, some denominations take that very it is juxtaposed within a film about cannibalism.

All that...from a backing track!
That song is really awesome. That would make a great entrance song.
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