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Originally Posted by Josh
I don't like Sherk at all but most people admit that his boxing is prett decent. Look at his fight with Tyson Griffen. If you look at the compustrike he landed more punches than anyone in an MMA fight since they started recording it. Granted that is not exactly imperial evidence but he is pretty good.
Niether Penn nor Sherk are KNOWN for Stand-up because they came from the Ground...BUT both have quite a reasonable level...they need to at their level. But Penn has a far better stand-up then Sherk.

It will also depend on who they are fighting.

Sherk can hold his own, but I have to say it was impressive against Tyson, that impressed because we didnt know he could do that, prior to the match...but Penn can do stand-up with the best of them, and its because he finishes on the ground that people forget he has good stand-up...and also that its KNOWN he has good stand-up IF, you pay attention to his fights wholistically...rather then just the way he finishes

I cant talk as confidently about GSP because I dont know him quite so well, I do know that he can be caught off guard on the feet far more then Penn, but I also know he can fight from anywhere and begin a fight from anywhere. I know he's good on the ground but its a different tactic to Penn...Penn aint a sleeper on the ground like Sherk and GSP...when I mean a sleeper, I dont mean boring, or less tallented, I mean that the primary focus is control and a long way to victory...Penn doesnt look to control on the ground, he looks to finish ASAP.

If GSP takes you down, both he and you can rest, though him more then you, and you only to begin with. If Penn takes you down he isnt doing it to rest, and you wont be able to rest is like being sat on by an is like being engulfed by a swarm of bees...if an Elephants sat on you, you might die, but its slow and you might be able to rest...if your being swarmed by a mass of bees...your in for an unpleasntly quick death that wont involve any rest for you or the bee

hahaha did I just call GSP an Elephant and BJ Penn a wasp?
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