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Originally Posted by VCURamFan
Haha, hey as long as you get there!!
the only thing thats holding me back possibly is the ebay bid...I am almost positive I could get a 450 dollar loan, I would be able to pay it back in 2 weeks after I start working after the event, and the loan officer is a huge matt hughes fans who actually was a promoter of capital city cage wars which featured tommy speer, matt veach, justin robbins, and tony zucca...I think he would understand....If I go, I will probably stay at Planet Hollywood, its less than 400 bucks, due to a deal through travelocity, this includes airfar, 4 night stay in the Hollywood hip room and 25 dollar buffet bonus...I of course have to have a guest with me who is 21 years old, but again, if I go, I will be taking a friend, who conveniently enough is 21....I want to go so bad, I'm praying it all works out
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