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Originally Posted by Hughes_GOAT
UFC fighters seem not to share the opinions their employer does of Fedor:

Dan Henderson:
"He's tough to beat for anybody and right now, he should be ranked the top guy in the world. He'd probably beat the (heck) out of both guys [Lesnar or Mir]... He'd probably beat up both guys pretty badly."

Mark Coleman:
"He's so well-rounded, but I think his mind is a big part of his success..His mind is probably one of the strongest minds in the game. He fights differently than other people. His punches come from all different directions and you have no clue where they're coming from. His hips are great. He's the complete package....

...this guy is as close to unbeatable as there is in this sport right now. "

"He has a unique mindset, because he's a very calm, very tranquil fighter.. He's very relaxed and just does his job. He never panics. That's a huge difference between him and other fighters."

Friends, foes explain Fedor phenomenon |
What you mean is they dont SAY the same things as their Employers...White knows exactly how good Fedor is, he just cant admit it in public at present...if situations change...he will.
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