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Originally Posted by Tyburn
it sounds legal...but it also sounds stupid.

The UFC REALLY have to stop bugging Fighters so much...if they concentrated more on fights and eliminating Steroids, and tackling low blows, and TUF, then they did booting people out, or trying to keep costs down for fighter pay, whilst uping on the PPV costs...they might find they are better liked by Fighters and Fans

We might like the product...but I think everyone is begining to think the Institution as a governing body stinks.
I completely agree dave, Frank Warren did a piece in the news of the screws on sunday, slagging off marshall, and the ufc in general, mainly to do with the poor pay the fighters get.
Now Zuffa allegedly want 15% of sponsorship as well??? Very odd, i'll ask dana at the next vodka shot party.
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