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Originally Posted by mikthehick
Soooo, some of ya know that I attend Liberty University (Jerry Falwell's school) and right now I'm about 1/5 through getting my online degree. This past week was spent in Lynchburg at the school, taking an intensive. This is a 3 credit grad school class that is 40 hours, with pre-homework, hw during the stay there, and a project after the class.

Wasn't sure what to expect in my stay, except that I don't sleep well in hotels, but it was AWESOME! I made 3 new friends and a few more than i had thought. Some gals thought that we had known one another for years, but we just met monday. One girl was from Kenansville, NC, which is an hour from my hometown (Jacksonville).

The best part about the experience was what all of us learned about the counseling/therapist/helper position we hope to be. Even after all the licensure and testing requirements, it's still a 60 credit program and focuses on helping to heal people of their problems, and never giving advice, contrary to people's perceptions of therapists giving advice to a client sitting on a couch. They said if a counselor gives advice, they are definitely not doing their job. Very true.

Another cool thing was that each session opened and closed in prayer. Sure we had lecture hours, breaks, and group work, where we played staged roles as counselor, client, and observer, but the unity I felt with my classmates was amazing. We even hugged our head professor today.

So yeah, that was my week in Lynchburg. I need a few days to process all the information before work on monday, but in all, it was AWESOME. So that's where I've been I'll be on and off more in the coming weeks, just taking PSYC 101, but it's so cool to have experienced this and all.
Good to hear things went well, Kim! Keep pluggin away!
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