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Originally Posted by Tyburn

what if it were the other way round? I hear so many people say what a lovely person he was. I havent worked out if they are saying that just because he's died. But they do make him sound like he was one of the nicest people around. Does a nice, good hearted character race cars....? Break the law...?

What if Mask had been the one to survive...would you be so quick to condemn him for an accident that killed the other guy if he KNEW what he was getting himself in for...if he KNEW it was against the law.

I'm sure you could do him strictly for racing, or speeding, or drinking under the could possibly do him for death by dangerous driving...but you CANT charge him for Murder if the other guy was a willing participent in the illegal activity.
It isn't murder. It is negligent homicide. A death occurs while someone is being negligent.

If two people are out drinking and have a wreck and the passenger dies the driver gets charged with negligent homicide. Did the passenger knowingly get into the car with a drunk driver? Yes. Dosen't matter though. The driver has to answer for his actions. REGARDLESS of the other parties actions.

Does it seem fair that someone shouldn't be punished for a crime because the other party is unable to be punished due to death?
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