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Well, doing high reps (30 or so) has a purpose - the muscles develop larger glycogen stores. But, it's not as if a person would gain any muscle if they did it for weeks on end. But, it's good after 6-8 weeks of heavy lifting to do 30/20/10 program to increase those glycogen stores so the muscles have more power.

However, if you've previously dislocated your shoulder like me, that many reps can lead to injury - I was out 3 weeks the first time I did them so I avoid them at all costs now.

That's funny though. Kinda reminds me of an episode of The Fit Show I was watching. I don't remember the bodybuilder who was on there but he was saying it's ridiculous when guys load up the leg press with 800 pounds and only move the weight a few inches. Then later, there was some really skinny guy doing just that in the background, lol
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