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Originally Posted by atomdanger
I see where he is coming from,
it was more a group of people breaking the law, and the one who lived is going to jail for it.

If mask would have lived would they charge him with speeding and racing?
Maybe... but unlikely.
Maybe wreckless driving.

its like if you and I go rob a house together (extreme example)
and while doing so you get hurt and die, why should I get charged with murder?

Anyhow, I do think he should get charged,
I can just see where dave is coming from


what if it were the other way round? I hear so many people say what a lovely person he was. I havent worked out if they are saying that just because he's died. But they do make him sound like he was one of the nicest people around. Does a nice, good hearted character race cars....? Break the law...?

What if Mask had been the one to survive...would you be so quick to condemn him for an accident that killed the other guy if he KNEW what he was getting himself in for...if he KNEW it was against the law.

I'm sure you could do him strictly for racing, or speeding, or drinking under the could possibly do him for death by dangerous driving...but you CANT charge him for Murder if the other guy was a willing participent in the illegal activity.
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