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Originally Posted by Max
GSP has killed his last 3 opponents so it really will not look bad if BJ gets whipped. Once again he is fighting at a weight class above his natural weight class. He is going up against the most well rounded MMA fighter ever (according to some people) he is going up against a guy who walks on water (or so I have been told). BJ should not last more than 1 min.
nah, i think you have it wrong ... many people think that gsp won that first fight ... but it was close .... people also think that bj would rather be fighting at WW than LW .... so although gsp imo has more to lose, deep down, bj does have lots to lose ... i am sure he cares more about his legacy than his belt ... remember his quote "i just want to be known as the best ever, is that too much to ask?" ... or something like that .. so can he really be known as better than gsp if he has lost to him twice? maybe, but it will be tough ... i think bj is also a natural more in between 155 and 170 ... so fighting at 170 is not as much of a stretch for him as people make it out to be ... if coleman can make 205, well making 155 for bj should be easy ...

i think gsp wins this and they will fight again in a year or two after bj dispatches the lw's the rest of the year
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