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Originally Posted by Neezar
Justice = You do the crime = You do the time.

It doesn't matter what ANYONE else around you were doing, does it?

Speeding is breaking the law. Racing is breaking the law. Causing an accident (not really an accident if you ask me - accidents don't happen. Someone just f's up.) is a crime. Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime.

Dave, I am shocked at your opinion here. If you break the law then you should have to pay the price. It doesn't matter that someone else did it to.
I see where he is coming from,
it was more a group of people breaking the law, and the one who lived is going to jail for it.

If mask would have lived would they charge him with speeding and racing?
Maybe... but unlikely.
Maybe wreckless driving.

its like if you and I go rob a house together (extreme example)
and while doing so you get hurt and die, why should I get charged with murder?

Anyhow, I do think he should get charged,
I can just see where dave is coming from
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