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Originally Posted by billwilliams70

I know that certain fighters aren't in their prime, but Cro Cop wasn't taken down because he was out of his prime, he was not as good as Gonzaga on the ground and it showed. Wandy loses by a vicious knockout to Rampage and all of a sudden he's out of his prime......just seven months after viciously knocking out Keith Jardine and being "back".

Cro Cop didn't train the cage or elbows, Couture and the guys mentioned that. if anything, it was arrogance. Cop beats him 9 x out of 10. Wandy was KTFO brutally, twice, in a 5 month span before Page got him. so he was put to sleep 3 times in less than a year and a half.

his brain is obviously damaged. you can't take those shots and come back so soon. and i never thought he was back just because he KO'd Jardine.

he's been in some battles too. no gloves, headbutts, elbows, etc. you can only take so much punishment. and Page is a Pride guy anyway
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