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Originally Posted by TexasRN
Sometimes punishment is for the victim's loved ones to feel better, not just to punish the bad guy. I don't care whether he feels guilt or not. If he committed a crime, he should do the time. Period. Makes me heartless sounding but I don't give a rat's butt.

Vengence is Mine saith The Lord

I dont go in for Vengance. I go in for Justice. Making someone pay to make someone else feel good doesnt cut it. Thats not Justice. It might be Equality, but Equality is not ends up being revenge....and believe wont make you feel better if years later he begs your forgiveness...YOU will then feel guilty.

If someone murders one of my family. Then it will be tragic. But if it was an accident, and my family member was breaking the law at the time, then I wont insist on a penalty against the other party. Why ruin two lives? It reminds me of the Parents of the Christian Woman who got blown up in the Tavastock Bus bomb.

"We forgive the bombers who killed our Daughter, because we are Christians, it is what we are called to do"

They said that less then a WEEK after the death of their only child.
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