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Originally Posted by billwilliams70
Silva's last two fights, prior to signing with the UFC in APR 06 were in Cage Rage.

I don't consider him a Pride fighter that came over when Zuffa acquired Pride in MAR 07.

But, that's just me......and my two lincolns.

If you dont count his fights in the UFC Silva had had the most fights in PRIDE and Mecca (5 fights in each). He has had 4 fights in Cage Rage. So when he came over to the UFC he was more a PRIDE fighter or Mecca fighter than anything else. Both Rampage and Cro Cop came over to the UFC before the UFC bought PRIDE but they are still PRIDE. Also people need to remember that many of PRIDE's big champs are now starting to get old or are not even in the UFC.
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