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That's a great analysis gymcoach. Yes, the program is not for athletic performance, but for sheer power and size. There's no doubt you're more in-tuned with this than I am as it seems that you have a relative college degree, whereas, I've just read a LOT, lol.

I'm not looking to become enormous by any means. Just that this program will help some people either get a good start, or maybe help them add another 10-15 pounds. If later they have body imbalances, that'd be up to them to make any changes.

The site in which I'm a training coach comes with a 26-week program and most of our members seem lost after they're done and need help designing another program. Plus, most of them complain about imbalances in their arms versus their chest/back, which is why I have a lot of extra work for the chest. Until recently, I couldn't seem to get my chest to pop out of my shirt, but I added 2.5" with this program and am getting a v-taper in my back. Ectos and smaller-framed mesos seem to get a lot more development in the arms versus the chest/back. Yeah, I know I'm not talking much about legs; seems most people don't talk about legs, lol.

And the reasoning for the bicep curl variations is because most of our members, being ectos, have smaller forearms. Granted, I know it's somewhat of an isolation exercise and the forearms get lots of work through deadlifts, chinups/pullups, bent-over rows, and the sheer fact that the program is using dumbbells instead of barbells for the pressing lifts, but most of our members want bigger forearms to go with the larger upper arm and the extra work on the brachialis muscle helped me out quite a bit.

As for situps, some people prefer crunches, but I do situps with my chest out and spine straight throughout the entire motion. This method works the lower back and obliques without any additional stress on the spine that's so typical with most situps. But that could also be due to the fact that I can deadlift 2.5 times my bodyweight (with good form ;) ) so my lower back's pretty strong. My inspiration behind the power in the deadlift is in case I start fighting, I want to be able to lift a guy above my head and give him the ol' Matt Hughes slam!

I appreciate the information , it's definitely something for me to think about if any of our members are getting those types of imbalances you mention in case they need help designing another program. I'm going to reference your post on the forum to help some of our members. Thanks again!
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