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Originally Posted by bj44
people are dumb its not that they were overatted its that the sport has continued to evolve

look at the people who were on top at the time of the pride buyout in the ufc. They arnt champions anymore either. people were comparing pride fighters to chuck, randy, hughes , franklin. Not the anderson silva's, gsp's , Brock lesnars of mma

cro cop, nog, wanderlei etc arnt in there prime anymore
Whoa, slow down need to call people dumb. The sport of MMA has continued to evolve, but there's still a difference in the fighters that came over to the UFC from Pride (in the March 2007 buyout). It has nothing to do with evolving.

It's true that the fighters that were on top of the UFC at the time of the buyout are no longer champions, but they weren't taken out by the Pride guys (as many thought would be the case).

I know that certain fighters aren't in their prime, but Cro Cop wasn't taken down because he was out of his prime, he was not as good as Gonzaga on the ground and it showed. Wandy loses by a vicious knockout to Rampage and all of a sudden he's out of his prime......just seven months after viciously knocking out Keith Jardine and being "back".

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