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Originally Posted by Chuck
Well don't you see the concern then?

The reason for rules is to give notice as to what's illegal... ergo... greasing IS legal... excessive greasing is not...according to the rules.

but the NSAC tells them to ignore the rules and listen to what they say???

I would love to know what the NSAC tells the fighters before the fight??? I highly doubt before Greasegate this was ever addressed.

Ask ANYBODY on this forum 2 months ago if putting Vaseline on your body before a fight was legal and I'm sure most everybody would say no... but technically that's incorrect.

Stupid of course... but still incorrect.
the NSAC is still covered according to their rules. all they have to say is it was excessive. just better to listen and not grease.

most fighters don't know the rules verbatim anyway...Matt didn't. so they go by what the NSAC tells them before every fight.
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