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Originally Posted by ufcfan2
I actually agree with Tyburns assesment of this situation. Though the report said nothing of a drag race or racing of anyform. Though the one part of him 'speeding alongside' makes ya wonder how fast "Mask" was going,were they racing or Mask just goin fast????
here is a thought...was Mask being chased.

Supposing you were driving along and a mad man starts charging up behind you, perhaps he even starts banging into you? your gonna speed up to get away...he speeds up along side and loses control, he collides with lose control?

I'm not a CSI...but...thats why I asked for confirmation...I think it GREATLY effects the level of guilt with the survivor...if Mask voluntarily was breaking the law and racing...he's just as guilty. Niether deserve to die...but in that respect Mask would hardly be innocent.

People do have a natural tendancy to make saints out of the dead, just a matter of respect...but I'd like to know if GREAT detail the 10 mins BEFORE the collision that killed him.
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