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Originally Posted by Llamafighter
Sure Chuck's stock drops a bit by losing, but he'll be a draw no matter what. I think Dana was talking about how he personally doesn't want to see his buddy get knocked unconscious anymore. Dana deep down knows that when the sport blew up Matt and Chuck and Rich were the guy that stood by him and have remained totally loyal. plus he was Chuck's promoter from way back so there is a much stronger bond there then most people know.

For the record I've heard that Chuck is in super training mode. He isn't logging on to his MMA site much at all as he used too and the administrator said it's because he's training his ass off.

I think if we get the old Shogun and the old Chuck it is going to be fight of the year!!

I'm bummed that Chuck and Matt aren't on the same card. I love the vid of Chuck backstage watching Matt's comeback against Trigg, and then them meeting in the hall before Chuck goes out to fight Randy and Matt wishing him good luck.
Right on!! I would love to see both Matt & Chuck pound the crap outta them just for old times sake!! And also to prove a point to the haters that talk about them for losing a few fights!!
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